Big O’s Pork & Dreams is more than just a BBQ joint. We are fueled by our passion for serving today’s youth through mentoring and personal development.

What is Big-O’s Pork and Dreams?

Big O’s Pork and Dreams is a unique community-centric concept, pairing Owen’s professional talents as a proven youth counselor with his multi-generational family legacy of the absolute BEST hickory slow- smoked barbeque in Oklahoma. Through a vehicle of passion for excellent barbeque, customer service, and personal pride, Big-O’s provides guidance to deserving Oklahoma adolescents in achieving their dreams through executive mentors, college scholarships, and goal-directed strategic planning.

Big O’s Pork and Dreams Mission Statement

Big O’s Pork and Dreams shall continually strive to empower deserving adolescents with the skills necessary to achieve their dreams through goal-centric support while serving only the finest, hickory slow-smoked barbeque in Oklahoma, delivered with purpose, pride, and a community conscience.

Big O’s Pork and Dreams Vision Statement

Big O’s Pork and Dreams philosophy to “Dream BIG-GER” will be the catalyst to produce goal-directed behaviors realized through ongoing professional mentorships, providing deserving adolescents the skills necessary to attain their personal dreams via the vehicle of passionate barbeque.

What is Big O’s DreamCAST Development Program?

In an effort to identify the most deserving young adults who personify the Big-O’s mission, an extensive search process is endeavored through community partnerships with local public schools. Offers are thereby extended to deserving adolescents who personify the Big-O’s mission to enter a “Big-O’s DreamCAST Apprenticeship”. Upon honorable acceptance of an offer to enter the “DreamCAST Development Program” and concurrent employment with Big-O’s Pork and Dreams, each DreamCAST Apprentice is required to provide a written list of goals they wish to attain at various development intervals, as well as sign personal contracts of integrity, conduct, personal appearance, and unwavering positive behavior, worthy of Big-O’s mission.

In the development toward productive adult career minded citizens, each DreamCAST member will be consistently challenged to “Dream BIG-GER”, and thereby adjust their behaviors accordingly to attain each goal decision. Each DreamCAST Apprentice can become a permanent “DreamCAST Associate” of Big-O’s pending all short term personal, educational and professional goals have been attained and verified by their assigned executive community mentor, and Big-O’s management. As a DreamCAST Associate, responsibilities will include assisting and mentoring other DreamCAST Apprentices as necessary, in addition to increasing professional, educational and socially responsible community efforts.

Through Big-O’s corporate partners and volunteer professional community mentors, the extensive DreamCAST Development Program has been intricately designed to serve Big-O’s mission in assisting deserving adolescents in focused goal-centric behaviors.

As an organization, Big-O’s Pork and Dreams continue the legacy set forth by the late Owen Wilson, Sr.’s teachings of personal pride, integrity, community service, and youth development, through the vehicle of passionate barbeque.